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VISION: To enrich the value of life for the people we serve within their community.


Le’Fevre Personal Care’s Community Access Program is facilitated at OPEN DOORS INSTITUTE. Open Doors Institute is a comprehensive training program for adults with mild to profound developmental disabilities. Skills are taught through repetition, positive reinforcement, and modeling of appropriate behavior by staff, while at the same time encouraging active participation and fostering independence of our clients.


The purpose of Community Access services is to assist each individual in acquiring, retaining, or improving self-help, socialization and adaptive skill, required for active community participation and independent functioning. Examples of these skills include communication, mobility, safety and self advocacy.


Community integration is also a vital element of Open Door’s services. The individuals supported are given the opportunity to choose activities in which they wish to participate. These include going shopping, attending movies and sporting events, visiting area attractions, volunteering, and many other recreational and leisure activities. This continued exposure to the community enhances adaptability and provides opportunities for meaningful participation. Open Doors offers Community Access services in the following formats:


Community Access Group (CAG)

Designed to provide oversight, assist with daily living, socialization, communication, and mobility skills building and supports in a group setting. CAG services are provided in a facility or within the community as appropriate for the skill being taught or specific activity being supported.


Community Access Individual (CAI)

Provided with one-to-one staff to participant ratio. CAI provides assistance in acquiring, retaining, or improving socialization and networking, independent use of community recourses, and adaptive skills required for active community participation outside of the participant’s place of residence.




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Executive Director

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Pre-Vocational and Supported Employment Services


Open Doors Institute will be providing a full range of pre-vocational services and supported employment services. This helps individuals with special needs develop skills and learn functional paid and un-paid roles within their communities. Program participants have access to a wide range of resources including:


• Vocational assessments

• Application and job training

• Resume development

• Career planning

• Access to employment opportunities and search resources

• Ongoing work support

• Personal growth and increased participation in community life


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